Initiation Week!!!

My BIG and I :)

So this week is a big week for AOII! It is initiation week! So it means that my pledge class, all the girls that rushed AOII, are becoming official members of the chapter! There are events that we attend all throughout the week to make us feel more apart of the chapter and get excited for initiation.

Leading up to initiation we have new member meetings where we learn about the chapter and what is expected of us while we are in AOII. It is a time for all the new members to get to know each other better. My pledge class is the biggest one they have had and there are 54 new members. So trying to learn everyones name is kind of a challenge at times and then there are the older members as well — so in total there are 150 members!

I think going into the experience I am excited but also nervous. I don’t know what to expect and what I should be doing to be prepared for the actual day! I have been talking to my BIG Lauren about it all and she has been very helpful for me with this whole process.

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