Trump Is Continuing And Expanding All Of Bushbama’s Worst Policies
Caitlin Johnstone

This brings up a really interesting thought-experiment: Knowing that the deep state has the ability to “remove” or substantially disable a sitting president if they not fall in line with their agenda (which explains much of Trump and Obama’s reversal of their campaign promises), how would all this have played out with a Bernie Sanders-presidency?

Even though the cabinet and executive branch of a Sanders-presidency were filled by people with no ties to the deep state, it would still be tough.

If the deep state is as powerful and ruthless as it seems, I don’t see a reason, from a practical point-of-view, they cannot crack down on “socialism” at home the same way they have done “successfully” in numerous other countries over the last century. I.e. simulating crisis in the economy, food shortages, etc.

Also, why not just create another 9/11 and make sure the blame is on policies introduced by a Bernie Sanders-presidency. That would for sure make is approval rating drop significantly.

If these are real threats by the deep state, then what options would Bernie Sanders really have?

Either you do as Obama, just fall in line with the deep state and be mediocre, or you vigorously fight the deep state with the very high likelihood of being impeached and have a legacy of “another-example-of-why-socialism-doesn’t-work”.

On the other hand, if the deep state become more aggressive the more vulnerable they become to exposing themselves.

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