What an Episode of Disneys “Recess” taught me about Entrepreneurship.

Imagesource: MoviePilot.de

As a child, I often watched animated series like Disneys Recess or Spongebob Squarepants. Series, that have nothing to do with the real life…


In Episode 23 in “Recess”, the protagonist “T.J” was ill for a few days, and after he came back to school, something changed: Everyone has to pay with colorful stickers for nearly everything — entering the school, going to toilet, and so on.

The Idea

But T.J. is intelligent, and starts a little business with a simple Idea. He stands in front of the entry for school and wants a few stickers of everyone entering the room. After a few successful minutes, he asks another pupil to take his place at the entry, and make the same work — for eight Stickers. The other Stickers have to go T.J. himself.

After that, T.J. made this steps more often, and so he became one of the richest pupils at the school.

The Entrepreneur

And exactly THIS is what an entrepreneur does. T.J. paid his “staff” only a little part of their earnings, so he makes profit with every pupil who pays with a sticker.

A successful entrepreneur works with this principles, for example:

A local Store pays you 500€ for a complete website with a new logo.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t make yourself the complete website, the logo, and the services for that like rent the webspace and so on — you let other people work for you.

For example, you let a designer on fiverr.com create the logo for you. This is very profitable, because a Logodesign of a good designer from fiverr costs only 20$.

Also, you can find free or cheap website templates in the web and arrange them new. This is efficient, because it saves a lot of time and also money. (You can get really great templates starting on 49$).

Finally, you get free webspace and a free domain for one year on one.com, and the upset is done in a few minutes.


Instead of working for hours, you sourced out a few things. So you have to work on this project maybe eight ours, and you make a profit of 431$.

And exactly this is, what T.J. does in his little Business. Instead of getting 1000 Stickers for a work-time of five school days, he sourced that out to his staff and makes 960 Stickers for just a little amount of work.

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