Opposing Single-Payer Healthcare is Immoral

The issue of single payer health is certainly a financial issue, and certainly one that touches on the quality of health care, but I think it’s much much more than that. I’m quite sure it’s a moral issue, and I’m pretty sure that taking a stand against single-payer health (universal health) or the idea that healthcare is a right, is immoral. Let me explain why.

I get the idea that laziness shouldn’t be rewarded, that if you don’t get your lazy ass out of bed in the morning you don’t deserve much. That if you’re not willing to work, you don’t deserve a job or pay or anything that comes with a job or pay. Even the bible says something to the effect that if you’re a slouch, you’re a sinner. I get all of that, and while I don’t agree a hard line on that is the best way to deal with the problems and that it is entirely possible for someone who is not at all lazy to not find work, I can understand how someone could find that way of thinking moral. And I can understand how someone would think it is ultimately for the benefit of people to have a hard line there. I get that.

But what I don’t get is the idea that even the man or woman who gets up in the morning and works their butt off, who collects recycled bottles all day maybe, or washes windows, who is figuring out how to scrape together what they need to take care of their means, or even the guy who is actually making a pretty decent living working hard, who could be considered well off; why either of those guys should be subjected to a system where they are gouged. Subjected to a system that is firmly in place and operating under very strict rules, where all the people who are legally authorized to practice medicine and administer healthcare are walled off behind a grossly inequitable system of payment that profits the middlemen. A system where if you are a certain “category” of person you get gouged. A system of payment not even determined by those who administer the care, but by middlemen and profiteers. That’s NOT moral, that’s immoral and unjust. We do not live in a world where a person can simply set up shop as a doctor and start caring for folks and charge whatever they and their patients think is fair, that would be another thing. Then it might be moral, but we’d have a hell of a lousy system, where any quack could pawn themselves off as a doctor. So the system we have of regulating and licensing care providers is a good one — that’s needed. But it comes with a moral responsibility to provide that care available to everyone. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t on the one hand, regulate care by requiring anyone giving it be licensed and at the same time not provide it to everyone equitably. It’s immoral for that reason. Again, if this was the wild west and anyone could just decide they were a doctor — just like anyone can decide they’re a window washer today — then it would be moral. But this isn’t that, and so it’s not.

The only “system” that fairly and morally addresses the requirement that all doctors and nurses be licensed professionals (and regulated) is a single payer system. If you call yourself a moral person I think this is something you need to consider.