Biggest Remodeling Mistake I See All The Time

Spray Foam Basement Walls

The biggest mistake I see people make when remodeling a house for the first time is they try to do every repair as cheap as possible every step of the way. When this happens you end up getting five different repairs that are all done super cheap and none of it looks good or functions properly. Value comes from scarcity. Usually, something of really high quality is scarce because the market tends to produce average results because most people are average and the majority of people produce average results.

If you want to have a product that’s superior, that sells for the most amount of money, then you have to create value and I think that comes from using good quality products and installation techniques. You have lower risk when you create something in the one percent, the two percent, the three percent, and you end up getting better results. So if I could give any advice to a first time home buyer or a first time flipper it is don’t be afraid to spend the money. Don’t be careless, but don’t be too cheap. Really take your time planning out the process, having a vision, and get comfortable with being at the job site because that’s going to give you a good feel for the house. If you have a good feel for the home and execute well then you will do OK.

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