Don’t Stop Being Obsessed

Obsession is a good thing. When you are obsessed people are going to tell you to stop. They will say you are working too hard. They’re going to call you obsessed, call you a freak, they’re going to look at you weird. Your family is not going to understand, they’re going to think you’re just putting too much time on your obsession, on your passion. They are trying to help, but you just can’t listen to them. You still love them, just don’t stop.

When you are obsessed you have to keep going. For me its waking up at three in the morning and working and getting to the office early. I am writing this at 4am in the morning. If you want something you do what you have to do. If it means going out to study houses in Linden Hills until nine o’clock at night, than that’s what it means because I know what my goal is.

I only have one life. We have a long time here, but it goes by quick. To really get what you want you can’t treat life like is its a 9–5 job. It is 24/7, 365. That’s what it is.

When you are all in and focused your competition doesn’t even matter. You don’t even think about the outside world. Who’s going to compete with me? There is nobody. I don’t think there’s any other realtor in Minneapolis that gets up at three AM and works all the way until nine, ten o’clock. And gets up and does it again day after day. I’ll do anything I need to do and it is not about competing with anybody else. Its about giving it my best. Being the best I can be because that’s what excites me. That’s what gets my blood boiling.

Don’t ever let anybody distract you or feel bad for being obsessed with your craft. Don’t apologize for it. You’re going to be weird, you’re going to be the outcast. You’re going to be the one that is not doing what everybody else is doing.

Just keep going. Go all in.

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