Why Smaller Houses Are Better In Minneapolis

I love this house. It is right off 58th and Nicollet. It is one of the smallest houses in SW Minneapolis. I don’t know the guys that bought it, but they did a awesome job on the remodel.

The house is only about 650 square feet. I haven’t been in it, but I have looked through the windows. They vaulted the ceiling, did a nice open layout, installed new flooring, trim, windows, and a small kitchen.

I like that is has a small walk out basement. I really would like to see how big the basement is. The cedar shakes on the exterior are awesome.

Something like this could probably rent for $1200-$1300 a month.

The reason I like small houses is because you can get more bang for your buck. It doesn’t cost as much to remodel the space since there is less of it.

Also, based on my experience working with a lot of buyers there seems to be a high demand for small houses. Cheaper, easier to clean and maintain, and people like the way they make them feel.

Don’t rule out small houses if you are looking to buy in Minneapolis.

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