— > Make that app, and shut up < —

So you have that great idea? Awesome. And you think that it will be an app? Great. But.. why are you talking like that?

Its 2015!

We have to get used to the fact, that making apps is nothing special anymore. So next time somebody comes up to you talking about the next big thing running on your phone, just say

“And I wanna eat pizza tomorrow”.

Sounds rude? Well, but it would help getting forward. Its been seven years since we got excited about apps. Lets move on.

Stop. I don’t want to discourage or stop people from developing new ideas. I just want to put it in the right perspective. Nobody should start developing an app in 2015, just because “it would be a killer thing, really” and “think about those 100m$, that every startup gets these days”

So whats is the wright perspective? — If we accept, that apps are those little helpers, they were ment to be, than we should build them like Lego. No big deal. And just like any other internet content, they either spread or not. But please stop running around like the next Zuckerberg.

“By the way, i have this awesome app idea, where people can order a car AND a pizza at the same time. I call it cabsnack”