caution: do not use teleporters.

What a great time! Tech researchers showed recently, that you can transfer your brain to a computer now. Perfect! Awesome!

Think of the possibilities: live as long as you want, travel in light speed to all your favorite destinations, may be even think faster and never forget a thing. All could come true, when we really transfer a human mind into computer.

When the time comes, we just plug in that usb into our ear and off we go.

But… there is a big problem, that nobody talks about. Because no matter if its computer brains or teleporters:

What happens, if you wake up, and your ‘copy’ is still on the run?

What i mean? Just picture yourself in the teleporter cabin: You put in your destination. Push a red button and — off you go. Lets take a technical look at it: you are scanned and the copy is transferred to another location. What happens next? Yes.. you will appear on your dream destination. And what happens to the scanned version, that is still standing in the teleporter cabin?

You are destroyed!

What did you think?

Oh. You thought, YOU will be transferred to the dream destination. Theoretically YOU got transferred. You have been digitized and then your bits came out on the other side. And it could even be, that the same molecule setup of you is now standing on the other side. And with the transfer of your mind and memory, the transferred person feels great. The transferred person can remember everything. He was in that cabin. He pushed the red button. Now the transferred person is on the destination

Lets ca

Teleyou is just like you. Same mind. Same person. Same memories. No difference.

As long as there is just one version of you!

That is why the original has to be destroyed. So what happens, if the original user of the teleporter is not being destroyed? Well, than there are two people with your memory and mind. One in the start teleporter and one in the end teleporter. There is ‘you’ and ‘teleyou’.

Bad luck for you. You are the old version now. You do not have the memory of being transferred. You just stand there in the tele booth looking at the screen. Nothing changed for you. Ok… you know now, that there is a copy of you celebrating a good safe travel. But thats it.

You look closer to the screen. It sais:

Transfer completed. Do you want to delete the old copy?


Teleyou stands in the other booth looking at the screen:

Transfer completed. Do you want to delete the old copy?


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