Are there business models and pricing options that will catalyze greater adoption of renewable energy solutions?

Mrs. Chizoba* could not wait another ten minutes at home as she hurried out into the prevailing Lagos traffic to get to her store. Like her and many entrepreneurs around Lagos, getting sweltered by the sun in one of Africa’s most vibrant cities was just another day in the life.

Today, she had a major problem to deal with.

Mrs. Chizoba had taken a fresh delivery of fish the week before and stocked them in her refrigerator the next day. For the few days…

With a new round of funding, Arnergy is shifting the narrative and providing energy for productive use.

Small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs)are the backbone of the Nigerian economy. According to industry reports, SMEs across Nigeria contribute over 48% of the nation’s GDP, account for at least 96% of businesses and are responsible for no less than 84% of employment in Africa’s most populous nation.

Data available from the Nigerian Ministry of Trade and Investment, puts the number of SMEs across the country at about 37 million. …


What is a Solar Panel?

A solar panel, or module, is a series of interconnected silicon cells joined together to form a circuit. In greater numbers the amount of power produced by these interconnected cells can be increased and used as an electricity production system.

Solar panels come in different sizes for different purposes. The current standard offering in the market is a 60-cell panel, with larger 72-cell panels being used for larger-scale installations. Smaller panels are also available and used in the off-grid market, where space is at a premium or for layouts where more flexibility is required.

Function and Structure
Solar panels absorb…


ARNERGY is a distributed utility company that provides energy reliability to SMEs and economic clusters across emerging markets.

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