Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason
Michael Arnovitz

The Bush/Clinton gang has been in the White House for 30 years except for the last 8 years. The compromised fraudulent Obama, betraying everything he promised did nothing but cooperate with and continue the war mongering subservience to the dynastic banking clans. During that 30 years the US has gone from surpluses to unimaginable debt. Before the Bush/Clinton gang the US was the most admired country. Now we are the most loathed and feared country on the planet. We have been at war in places most Americans could not find on a map for most of that 30 years. We were leaders in human rights now we run torture centers. Our military and economic policies continue to cause death and suffering all over the world. We were once an economic power house where average Americans had plenty of opportunity to work and succeed in life. Now 90 million can’t find work because our manufacturing base was shipped over seas.

If you want more of the same vote for Hillary. As senator from NY she did nothing. As Secratary of State her primary job was selling influence via the global extortion-bribery-money laundering racket called the Clinton Foundation. There is no explaination for her private email server other than she was avoiding any oversight of her criminal activities. The mess in Lybia, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine are her doing. She has stated that she wants to attack Iran and confront Russia. No one at the non-democratic convention mentioned any of this.

What Trump will do is unknown but he could not possibly be worse. The elites of both parties, the banks and media are dead set against him. That is quite and endorsement in my mind. The Bush/Clinton gang hate and fear Trump because they don’t control him. He has already stated that Hillary belongs in jail. As president he can direct a real justice department to expose and put an end to their traitorous activities. I say lets give Trump a try. We don’t have much left to lose.

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