Beautiful Documentation for TypeScript


After completing the migration of a medium-sized library from JavaScript to TypeScript, I needed a tool to generate the documentation for the project as web pages.

The JavaScript version used JSDoc with a custom theme, and I looked for a tool that could use the static type information from TypeScript and the JSDoc-style tags in the comments to generate even more informative documentation pages.

I considered using TypeDoc which is similar to JSDoc and also supports HTML-based themes, but I needed a bit more customization than it offered, so I ended up writing my own tool, grok.

Grok actually uses…

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TLDR; Chromatic is a build system for managing cross-platform design systems using design tokens. Unlike similar tools, it supports expressive design tokens and theming.

Design is an essential ingredient to successful software products. But design at scale across many project and many platforms (web, iOS, Android, desktop) is a huge challenge. Smooth communication between the design and development teams is critical. And annotated redlines saved in PDF files don’t cut it.

Designs also need to evolve and change quickly and at a minimal cost.

Over the past few years, teams have started embracing design systems as a way of managing…

How to use CSS to add dark mode to your website

When using the dark mode of macOS 10.14 or Windows 10, visiting a website with a light UI can be a jarring experience. Safari Technology Preview 68 introduces a new CSS media query that gives the option for websites to adjust their appearance based on user preferences. This setting is on a standardization track, and we can expect other browsers and other platforms to adopt it eventually.

I’ve added it to and you can to. It’s straightforward and fun!

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Switching between the Light and Dark appearance in System Settings > General toggles the appearance of the website.

Refactoring your stylesheet

The first thing to do is to isolate the relevant color settings from your CSS stylesheet. …

Introducing “Share to Slack” from Creative Cloud

At Adobe, we’re big fans of Slack. We use it all the time amongst ourselves to share a mockup of the next great creative app we’re working on (shh… it’s a secret) or something amazing we found created by one of the 5 million subscribers to Creative Cloud.

Slack makes it easy for our team to stay connected anywhere. And I love that I can get to Slack at my desk, on my phone and even on my watch!

Today, we’re happy to introduce a new feature of Creative Cloud that we’ve worked on with the awesome team at Slack…

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Steve Jobs at his home office in Palo Alto. Photo by Diana Walker.

Four powerful words to get creative teams to do their best work.

“He’s coming”, Bertrand says, sticking his head into the conference room.

Bertrand is our lookout. When he saw Avie and Steve walking jauntily at the end of the long corridor connecting Infinite Loop One and Infinite Loop Two, he gave us the warning.

Steve has to be escorted everywhere on campus. He refuses to carry one of the access cards that would allow him to open the locked doors that separate the buildings. No one is really sure why, but there’s probably some logic to him for this eccentricity.

I’m sitting in front of a bulky CRT display, looking at…

How Adobe CreativeSync Will Save Your Assets

Design. It’s at the heart of the most successful companies. As Thomas Watson Jr. said, “Good design is good business.”

Great design and creative thinking are more valued than ever before. That’s good news for creatives everywhere but it also means the pressure is on to generate great ideas, solve problems, and design solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before.

And as you well know our best creative thinking doesn’t happen in a box. We need to step outside of the rigid confines of a single screen… begin work by pulling the phones from our pockets, sketching on tablets…

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