In which I argue that collecting huge amounts of data on individuals and the recent innovations around Data Science are about to dramatically change business, research and society as a whole. We are already witnessing the first impacts — just think about how social media affects elections. Those analysing human data bear great responsibility. This is the first post in a larger series that explores the emerging social data science nexus.

The Data Science Hype

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in our capability to analyze data. It all started with the hype about ‘big data’, just to be followed by ‘artificial intelligence’. Venture…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

So you have a research project where you use standard machine learning approaches to analyse text. A grant brought you money for a research assistant. But: students in the department have to overcome a bit of a knowledge gap if you want to employ them as RAs on your project.

While nowadays students in social sciences often do have a basic training in quantitative research methods, they are often not at a level where they can help doing data science with text.

I put together a couple of sources that I found useful to bring students up to speed. The…

Chris Arnold

Lecturer at Cardiff University. Data addict. Visualisation enthusiast. I ♥ institutions.

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