From Neo-Confederate to Antifa
Ignatius Only

Wow. You’re taking lot of heat. To the extent that you are striving for “peaceful militancy,” expressing strength without initiating violence as far as possible, I do not condemn you and yours. You guys could probably use a decent publicist though and some better imagery, say rainbow colored uniforms or peace symbols on your masked noses. (Seriously).

In the 60s, the Black Panthers elicited the same anger, but no one saw what white police in Oakland were putting brothers and sisters through on a daily basis then, for sure. No bodycams, right? What kind of brutality you think went down then?? Huey Newton and his people, for all their “errors,” represented a sea change in how black people perceived themselves in relation to 100 years of post Civil War abuse. So Antifa is not so different from a historical perspective, as the Left in the U.S. has been tarred with the brush of weakness, and you know, “snowflake,” all that unmasculine crap. A historically valid and beautiful political term, “liberal,” has been trashed by the Right. How fucked up is that?

Finally though, I’d like to hear more about how your personal transition (“journey”) happened from one “extreme” to the other.