Be careful of the impact of traditional media

When I have a new coaching client and they are rather stressed, I do share this first aid kit:

· Stop watching/reading negative news! — Focus on positive news!

· Stop meeting toxic people — Connect with inspiring people!

· Stop focusing on the past! — Be mindful of the now!

· Stop being a victim! — Start to be creative!

· Stop saying that you can’t change! — Be a lifelong learner!

Especially newspapers and TV are still having a negative influence on people. Peter Diamandis calls CNN, the crisis news network.

The election debates in the US are an example how you should not discuss with someone who has another opinion. The focus is on blaming the other person as much as possible. Many people will copy that behavior, as they think that is the norm. If the most powerful person in the world constantly criticizes other people, they assume that is the way to go.

Recently I was talking to an old woman and she did mention that refugees get free meals and rooms from our tax money. Then I said that it is logical that they did escape from the war in their countries. And that we would do the same under those circumstances. Then she said that when she was young (in WW2), they could not escape as most of Europe was occupied.

Clearly the traditional media had impacted her opinion heavily.

In order to have a more balanced view and to be more empathetic and compassionate, we need to look at different news sources. And especially read opposing standpoints. Only after that we can form our own opinions.

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