Being an ostrich is not a good strategy

This week I had a few talks with writers/editors. After explaining what I am doing (future-proofing people and organizations), I did give the example that robots or machines are already replacing much white-collar jobs. E.g. robots do surgery, machines also do research for lawyers.

Then I did mention that already quite a lot of news articles are written by machines, there is no human intervention. So, I guessed that that would wake them up. But no! There was a response from an editor saying, “no my charity will never do that”. And other writers didn’t respond at all, as it didn’t impact them.


This is a classical case of denial. I don’t believe this will happen to me. Well, it is already happening, NOW!

So, being an ostrich with your head in the sand puts you at high risk for an unpleasant surprise. It is better to prepare and to think about ways to be better than machines, better than robots.

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