Detach and see the big picture

There was a petition from Avaaz this week about the incredible plan from the new Dutch government to increase taxes on fruits and vegetables by 50%! Almost half of Dutch citizens are overweight — the last thing we need is for eating healthy to be even more expensive.

If this sales tax will be implemented, the result will be a surge in people buying junk food and food that is sugar based. And obesity and diabetes will even raise much more, especially under young people. When I did go to school, I brought a box with sandwiches with me. Now the youth goes out and buys energy drinks and some cookies for lunch. They also exercise less, as they are brought to school by car (instead of biking).

There is research that indicates that the cognitive abilities of young people are declining, resulting from this sugar addiction (see also the books from Robert Lustig).

So, health care cost will increase and less people will qualify for help. It means that our society will consist of much more people who are unhealthy, who cannot afford health care and are not actively contributing. Is this what the government wants? On the short term they will receive some more income, but in the longer term the costs will outweigh this income. Penny-wise, pound foolish!

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