Practice is a necessity for learning

There is the saying “practice makes perfect”, but we are no longer striving for perfection. That is also not a very clever option in these times of rapid change. We test products via building a MVP and then improve the product based upon the feedback from users.

Still practice remains very important. Otherwise you don’t grow your skills, knowledge and experience. Even the opposite will happen; if you don’t practice, your skills will decline. A simple example is that I used to be very good in speaking and writing German, when I finished high school (I had been practicing it for 6 years). But I have not used German in the past years, so I can understand still quite a lot, but I have lost most of my speaking and writing capability. The same is true for playing tennis and some other examples. I know people who have stopped driving a car after their exam and now are not able to drive. If you stop using certain muscles, your muscle strength will decline rapidly.

The introduction of digital devices has ruined young people’s capacity to calculate by head. Even social norms are declining. In a historical perspective, we have lost the art and effort to build pyramids, without mechanical devices.

That is why we need to continue with practicing and thus improving our skills, whether it is innovating, writing or any other business or social skill. The changing circumstances require a continuous adaptation and alertness. Our skills need to be on high alert, all the time.

What are you practicing?

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