The hidden power of peak performance

Do you know that at school and at work they don’t tell you everything that you need to perform at your best?

They do this intentionally, by design, to keep you under their control. Otherwise you would outflank them and that is not what they want!

It is like the horse with the blinkers on. The blinkers are there to focus his attention and the reins are used to enforce obedience. We are quite familiar with the use of stick and carrot as major management tools.

There is a huge power at your disposal. You only have to be aware of it and start consciously using it. That power is your mindset. Your mindset is the combination of your mental, emotional and spiritual strengths.

The horse that gets freed from the reins and blinkers feels strange in the beginning. But quite quickly it gets used to his freedom and is excited about his potential!

You can also learn to be free and use your mindset, the hidden power for peak performance!

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