The need to unlearn increases with age

For most of us our upbringing and education has been focused on conformity. We are taught to follow someone else’s rules. The better we are at following those rules, the higher the praise. In this process we are more and more getting used to suppressing our own feelings and ideas. We are toys in someone else’s play.

The reward for this conformity game was a steady job and income.

That has now become an illusion as the number of jobs is rapidly declining and people are getting paid less.

So, we have to unlearn to fit in and learn, instead, to stand out. And the longer you have been domesticated to fit in, the harder the effort it is to unlock your potential and your creativity.

But you have no choice. Robots and other automated systems are taking over all standardized work. You have to be both very creative and very emotionally intelligent to have paid work.

Please don’t wait.

Cut ‘fitting in’ & Cultivate ‘standing out’!

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