Daang Matuwid remains steady, impossible to budge, standing firm

I just have to put it here. Great post from Sec. Manolo Quezon (MLQ3, as we fondly call him in social media). This explains how the more steady, steadfast, organized Daang Matuwid Coalition will eventually prevail.

Why do you think The Others keep trying to insist:

1. Their bandwagon is here, and it’s unstoppable
2. That people are jumping ship from other camps
3. That DM is, will be, and has to, cheat?

They’re scared.


  1. Whatever their ups or downs, DM remains steady, impossible to budge, is sticking together, and standing firm — despite some of the most personal, vicious, and downright deceptive campaigning ever attempted by The Others. Why is this important? First, it means that however you slice and dice it, the race is simply too close to call. In House of Cards a candidate is told, “but you’re five points ahead!” To which the candidate replies, “Five points? That’s a coin toss.” Ten points? Same thing. A survey is a statement of intent — “If I voted today, I would vote for…” But: that’s different from actually showing up when crunch time comes.
  2. If it’s still too close to call — and it is — the group that is most cohesive, most dedicated, most motivated, will be the group that wins. Our heads may be bloodied, but they’re unbowed. That is why all The Others are frantically, viciously, trying to divide us. It’s the oldest rule in the book — divide and conquer. Despite everything, we remain united.
  3. Which brings us to that mysterious thing, machinery. The conventional wisdom is, machinery does not matter. Why? Because, in the past, machinery was linked to candidates who had no chance of winning, who were miles behind their opponents. That is not the case, now. If it were the case, no one would be wasting time on us, they would be throwing all their weight against whoever is seen to be leading at the moment. But see — it’s too close to call. So, they have to attack, and attack, and attack — in the hope of dividing us.
  4. Machinery is a simple concept: it’s about getting out the vote. If you watch American or Canadian elections, the big news on election day is the get-out-the-vote efforts of the main parties. It’s even more crucial there, because they have relatively low turnout in elections. We, on the other hand, have relatively high turnouts: but it is not 100 or even 90 percent. So: in a close election, turnout matters, a lot.
  5. This is where what we do and what will be done on election day comes together. We must hold the line: enduring, resisting, surviving, a no-holds-barred attack from three sides. The President foresaw this. It is why he said, his priority was to keep the DM Coalition together. He appealed to the better angels of our nature — specifically, of Grace Poe and Chiz. He saw that we can either consider the past six years a temporary blip, or the first chapter in a new story for the nation. He appealed to their sense of responsibilty in a mature and adult way: discuss among the two of you who of you should be best suited to be the vice-presidential candidate. Why vice-presidential? Because, knowing both of them, he believed neither was ready for the presidency, but that under six years of a DM presidency under MAR, they could then be prepared to continue DM in 2022. But there was no room for accomodation: neither could wait. So neither was prepared to put their ambition behind them for the greater good. So we are where we are: a close race, because the true majority in this country has been split. Having walked away, the two split our coalition. Thank God Leni, who has already lost so much for the country, answered the call and, in contrast to Escudero, has neither distanced herself from Mar nor the President.
  6. Noisy, aggressive, corrosive, insulting as The Others may be, their strategists know that what is easy to portray on social media is a different thing altogether on election day. Why do you think The Others have started inventing allegations of fraud in overseas voting? Because how else will they explain that their boasting may not necessarily pan out in the results? How will they remain relevant if, on election day, we are better motivated, organized, and steadfast, showing up, bringing others, and casting our votes, while The Others worry their people don’t show up, or change their minds — because the closer election day comes, the more people will take pause and think: the person who entertains me today, is this really the person fit to entrust with our country’s destiny over the next six years?
  7. So why then, if we have the machinery that matters — leaders and followers from all walks of life, in all parts of the country, who know for a fact that the country is far better off today than it was in 2010, and that this was achieved without the contempt for institutions, the public or the law that used to be the case — isn’t it in the surveys? But it is. The Others are just doing their damnedest so we don’t see it. We are holding the line — when they thought we would crumble and fold. We are fighting back — when they thought we would give in to defeatism. We are getting others to think — when their strategy has been to get people to switch off their critical thinking. Time is running out for everyone but most crucially, them: if we remain united, and do not budge, then their strategies start to unravel; people start having second thoughts; and when we, battle-scarred veterans endure the lines and vigilantly guard our votes: then theirs begin to melt away, due to disorganization, or self-created confusion and they become divided precisely at the time when we remain united.

This group is like that scene in the famous film, where the besieged muster their final strength, blow the epic horn of defiance, and fight — with election day being the time that the rest of the country appears on the hill, to scatter The Others. The Sample Ballot is our ray of light, to banish confusion. The Horn of Hammerhand is going to be sounded very soon. Will you answer the call?

Watch for it.

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