Did TV5 intentionally splice the video to make Manny Pacquiao look bad?

… and create controversy against the LGBT community?

This is the TV5 video that created havoc not just locally but internationally as well. Here, you’ll hear Manny Pacquiao as if telling that gays and lesbians are worse than animals.

You saw how hell broke loose this week. People from local celebrities Boy Abunda, Aiza Seguerra and Vice Ganda to international personalities like Magic Johnson, brands like Nike, even from his team, his promoter Bob Arum — all condemn him in the lowest possible terms. (Never mind what he has done in the past, or what he actually said right after. He is simply a “bigot”)

But then, there’s another version of the video. The complete, longer one. Could this give us a context of what he was actually saying?

Here, the interviewer started with the question about “Same Sex Marriage”. It’s not about what he feels or thinks about the LGBT community, or to particular gays or lesbians. It was an issue of same sex marriage.

Then laid out where he is coming from, off the bat… “As a Christian…”

He then proceeded by comparing the decision making process for same sex marriage — again, in context, not about gays or lesbians — of humans as against animals. Its as if he was saying animals naturally know how to pair themselves with the opposite sex. So as human beings we should be able to decide better because, well, we’re humans and we’re higher than animals. Not the best comparison, I would say. I wouldn’t use that myself. But I think this is where Manny failed and needs to improve as far as communication skills are concerned.

However, before he ended, he qualified what he was saying, “I’m not condemning them. It’s just the same sex marriage and sin against God that I’m condemning”.

Both the first part and the last part were taken out. How convenient, TV5. Congratulations, you just created havoc.

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