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I don’t know if you’ve actually read this blog, but I did mention as one website that mentioned Davao City as one of the safest in the world. And it’s source is The source is suspect because it’s not a reputable source. I’m involved in the web industry since the early 2000s and I know how this works. It’s easy to come up with websites like this and come up with anything and everything you want. If your source is not reputable, you have to question the integrity of the results.

So, Numbeo’s sources include BBC, Time and The Guardian? Research is not my job, and I don’t have time to do it for you. But here’s a quick search for these websites and what they say about the safest cities in the world:


Time :

The Guardian :

What’s notable is, if you’ll read these links, they point their source to the most reputable, exhaustive study conducted by The Economist — The Safe Cities Index, the same source I pointed out. Here’s their summary:

You would wonder if you think about it, why would Numbeo point to BBC, Time, The Guardian and the rest as their source but come up with a different result?

Update: Upon digging deep into’s research methodology, here’s what I found out.

Wow, really? The research results are based on 487 contributions from the website visitors? There goes your “reputable” source.

I’d say, let’s stick with reputable sources. Unless people will turn a blind eye for the sake of supporting Duterte — which is totally fine with me. Idiotic, unreasonable, but totally fine with me.