Printing Workflow Automation for eCommerce

For those of you who continually hear about workflow automation and curious about what it is exactly, here I am to satisfy all your curiosities about it.

When we talk about workflow automation in print industry, our thoughts immediately plunges to the workflow of pre-press and production floor. Yes, it is about automating processes in pre-press and production; it is also much more than this. It is a strategic term that encompasses diverse meaning in itself. We can define workflow automation as

“A strategic initiative to enhance the efficiency of overall business”

Here the term “overall business” needs to be pondered upon. It includes not only production workflow but also business workflow. It is a sort of continuous improvement that not only enables you to double your production capacity with existing resource but also let you keep your workflow in line with the current and upcoming challenges.

In print industry, increased efficiency is equated with fast turnaround time and ability to take increased order volumes without an added cost, overtime or hiring. So only those printers can take up huge orders, deliver quickly, and increase production capacities, who have automated workflows.

Acquiring workflow automation is not a big deal in this era of modern technology. Web to print solutions and print MIS are there to solve all your workflow problems. If you lag in schedule, not able to ensure timely production and unable to ensure timely delivery, you seriously need a web to print solution and print MIS to automate workflows.

Remember, automation is not attainable without print MIS. Print MIS is very important factor that helps you identify and fix all the bottlenecks. It helps in automating both production and business workflows, thus resulting in overall efficiency.

The automation features of MyPRINTCloud let you process an entire job from order to delivery with complete automation, without any human intervention. The best thing about MyPRINTCloud Print MIS is Zapier Integration, a platform that connects all your apps and creates an awesome automation.

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