My Life After Hate

A former racist skinhead examines aspects of his past: Where did the hate begin? How did a teenaged alcoholic become a central figure in the white power movement of the late 80s and early 90s? What happened to bring about his drastic change of mind and heart? With a collection of reflective essays, disturbing flashbacks, and an interview, My Life After Hate scrubs scabs off the festering wound of racism, then soothes with the essential wisdom of forgiveness and compassion.

My Life After Hate is available on Amazon

“…a reckoning between who a person was and who a person can be. The drastic changes of Arno’s perspective and the effects thereof clearly demonstrate that how we experience reality is up to us — that we can always choose compassion over aggression.” — Bashir Malik, Artist, Milwaukee Community Elder

“Arno is a light in every room, filled with inspiration and hope, and knows the true articulation of forgiveness. Arno does a wonderful job of educating and exciting people around his message, as well as leading the cause against violent extremism.” — Bailey Van Tassel, Founder, Abel Impact

“Arno is a truly exceptional public speaker and a man who demonstrates courage, sensitivity and compassion. If you are looking to engage young people, or indeed any people, in narratives of transformation and in understanding the mindset of violent extremism Arno will bring fresh insight and learning to this subject. Arno has shared his story with The Forgiveness Project for five years now and is one of our most engaging and effective speakers. I thoroughly recommend him.” — Marina Cantacuzino, Founder/Director, The Forgiveness Project

“Arno is a living testament to the triumph of human bravery and goodness. Through his personal journey of hatred and prejudice to love and universal kindness, Arno has demonstrated in his committed effort to protect, nurture and guide the youths of today to be the next generation of leaders who are visionary, compassionate and brave.” — Napa Chayaworakul, Meditation Instructor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Communications Director, Milwaukee Shambhala Center

“It is my express pleasure to write in support of someone with whom I developed a friendship after having experienced his approach and excellent conduct in regards to anti violent extremism, harmony-building and peace-spreading. He is a true leader in this area of endeavour and I recommend him without hesitation as one of the best speakers you will ever hear from.” — Mubin Shaikh MPICT, PhD (cand.), Consultant, National Security, Co-Author of Undercover Jihadi

“Arno has a unique way of articulating his story of coming from a background of negativity and growing into a champion of peace. His personal journey is very inspiring and provides those with hate in their hearts with a template for change.” — Paul Carrillo, Executive Director, Southern California Crossroads

“We purchased Arno’s book, My Life After Hate, for our collection. It was a hit with our readers, and touched many lives. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the topics of racism and personal healing.” — Lisa Labovitch, Director of Library and Archives, Union League Club of Chicago

“Arno is an inspirational speaker and motivator. His personal story and commitment to social justice are important additions to the civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties advocacy world. He is an excellent coalition builder and partner in working for social change.” — Hannah Rosenthal, CEO, Milwaukee Jewish Federation

“Reporters literally meet and interview thousands of people each year. Arno Michaelis stands out as one of the most honestly courageous people I’ve encountered. His fearlessness and message of hope, change and unity is not only eternal, but necessary right now when so many people are feeling such despair.” — Suzanne Stratford, News Reporter, WJW-TV

“Arno is a passionate conduit and shining example of Positive Change. He has devoted his work to the betterment of others and for this he should be highly recognized as a great leader, advocate and inspiration.” — Gill Hicks, Founding Director, M.A.D. for Peace

“Arno Michaelis is an insightful man whose life experience has garnered him a wealth of information that holds the key to unlocking the minds of racists of any color and successfully replacing the vitriolic hate through intelligent discourse. Hearing this man speak and watching him lead by example, motivates others to do their part to bring racial harmony to our society.” — Daryl Davis, Owner, Lyrad Productions, Author of Klan-Destine Relationships

“Arno is an amazing speaker and his book My Life After Hate is a well written and important examination of the causes and consequences of hate and the capacity for people to change” — Peter Simi, Criminology Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha

“Arno is an extraordinary individual whose exit from a life of hate has been an inspiration for so many trying to escape the prison of racism, violence and hatred. His autobiography My Life After Hate is essential reading for anyone attempting to understand the transformation of a former racist skinhead to a beacon of hope for others. Read his book, and if you’re lucky, grab any opportunity you can to hear him speak.” — John Horgan, Professor at the Global Studies Institute and Department of Psychology, at Georgia State University, Author of “The Psychology of Terrorism”