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SO FAR SO GOOD | Week 01

Hey there.

This is the first week of the So Far So Good learning experience and I’m sweating bullets already. Oh man. What did I get myself (and you) into this time? Anyway, fingers crossed that all goes well and you like what I have to offer.


There’s basically two levels, intermediate and advanced. You can choose to receive both, but since both levels do pretty much the same stories with varying levels of vocabulary and grammar, that might end up confusing you.

If you think your English is good, choose advanced. If you think you have a long way to go still, choose intermediate. You can switch at any point so don’t sweat it.

This email contains materials from both levels, plus some extras from a beginners’ group. (Beginners’ stuff will be part of the intermediate emails.)

  • Basically, unless you specify that you want advanced materials, I’ll be sending you intermediate stuff.

Ok, heeeeeeeeere’s Jooooohnny.

  1. The recordings of this week’s intermediate class
    * I’ll try to add cut-up versions for the upcoming emails
    Also, here’s a living-room version of the main story.

2. Here’s a little interactive fill-out to get your juices flowing: [ LINK ]
 — And a print-out of the story itself, with some meaningful gaps. [ LINK ]

3. Here’s a bunch of tests.
 — A very very easy one. [ LINK ]
 — One that’s not so easy. [ LINK ]
 — A slightly more challenging one. [ LINK ] (with hints)

4. Some add-on materials to first week’s story:
 — phrases / grammar you need to use when telling the story [ LINK ]

*** All the translation tests as well as fill-outs will be analyzed in our upcoming classes. Every story will sooner or later be emailed to you in its complete version. So chill. You won’t miss anything.

BONUS: Here’s the second installment in a year-long Linking Words series.
pwd: sfsg


It’s a lot. I know it’s a lot. But don’t worry. It’s all part of a masterplan.
Some of you will digest all of the above stuff and ask for more. Most won’t because most of you are humans.
Which is why I try to structure this in a way that allows nibbling, or picking and choosing what suits you best and ignoring the rest.
You don’t have to do everything. If you’re busy or don’t feel like studying too hard, just pick one or two things to stay in shape and don’t worry about the rest.



This here is a safe place for your comments, effusive praise, worshipping at the altar of… you get the idea.

Have a nice weekend and I hope I haven’t put you off. Yet.


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