“Through Different Eyes”- developing the first Design Thinking Conference -
Arne van Oosterom

Hey this is inspiring! I like how you relate a conference to theatre. Where in theatre it is about the experience, about wonder, amazement, sometimes painful and confronting, sometimes it’s ecstacy. It’s about not exactly knowing what will happen but you are captivated, driven by the heart.

It is not literal. It’s lateral.

When explaining this concept to people I often refer to what Hans Teeuwen (the dutch comedian) says about this: ‘the utmost goal you can reach with an audience is to, for a brief moment, confuse people, switch ideas upside down, ‘hit’ them with something that they could have never imagined. Then, it’s up to them to use this temporary state of ‘confusion’ to evolve in their minds and hearts. Or not, but at least you made it possible, you challenged the status quo.

This is also how I envision the school of the future: not ‘tell’ people what to do but inspire them with many different viewpoints, in a environment of trust. Then let them figure it out for themselves.

Also I think ‘mystery’ or ‘hidden’ things play a great part in theatre. It’s like the fortune teller at the fair. Something you cannot and will not be able to ever ‘grab’ or ‘understand’. The ‘dream’ state.

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