New Features That Are Going To Be the Part of AMP

There are a few updates which the Accelerated Mobile Pages project is going to make for the AMP pages. As for now, most of these updates are already supported by regular web pages. The biggest advantage of these updates is that the developers will now be able to create AMP pages that are going to resemble regular pages. We all know how well the regular pages are designed and how good their UX can be. AMP pages had some limitations which are now going to be rectified with the help of these updates.

Having that said, the updates are worth talking about in this scenario.

Video docking

If you have been a fan of the video docking, good news is that you can enjoy this feature with AMP pages. This feature refers to the video being displayed in the bottom while you scroll down the page. At first, the video appears on the top. When you start scrolling down the page, the video’s minimized version is shown at either side of the page’s bottom.

This feature is great for the pages in which articles need to accompany videos.

Infinite scroll for page elements

AMP already has the feature of infinite scroll which it provides with the documents. But now, this feature is going to be provided for the other page elements in a list. So, if you want to view page results and product cards without moving to the next page, this feature is surely going to please you. From marketing perspective, the SEO can have great benefit from this feature.

Input masking

Automatic addition of formatting such as spaces and interstitial characters, which are normally defines by developers, can make the filling of any form quite efficient. By incorporating this feature in AMP pages, the site owners may be able to give their users something they wouldn’t hate going through.

Video player enhancements

There are some new features which are being added in the video players supported by AMP pages. With the help of these additions, playing the video is not going to be a troublesome experience for the users. The additions mainly include bug fixes and other updates such as mute/unmute buttons and other hidden controls which can be used while the video is on the play.

Sticky ads

The support for sticky ads is much awaited feature which the AMP project has been trying to deploy. With the help of this feature, the ads will be shown on the left and right rail of the page.