Our Overrated Inner Self
Michael Ruiz

I feel I have to disagree with this post that and your understanding of the message that the author of the original article was conveying. The author ends his article with, “…the best way of living in our diverse and contentiously free society is neither to obsess about the hidden depths of our prejudices nor to deny them, but to behave as if we had none.” He does not discuss cocooning at all. Instead, the author calls for everyone to act in a pubic manner that designates civility and respect to those we interact with despite any prejudice we hold. I agree with him. I would go so far as to say that America is more tolerant now than it has ever been. Also, even if it wasn’t, most people will act in a manner that you could not tell. I do not believe I hold any prejudices because I believe that everybody was created equal and deserves the same minimum of respect of civility. However, even if I did not believe this, by acting in this manner it would not matter if I believed or not. We ask for so much by demanding everyone to be authentic while simultaneously demanding they live up to and by our expectations. I argue that is an unrealistic goal, rather we should only hope for people to act to a certain societal standard in public, not that their authentic self be this way.

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