There’s an app for that
Cristian Tirado

I have previously tried to improve my life through quantifying myself with technology when I was in high school. For me it was not useful because it had been more inconvenient than attempting to quantify myself in an analogue manner, that is just attempting to pay attention to what I did and maybe write my thoughts down. This was partly because my school would not allow us to use cell phones and other things like that during school hours, but also because I refused to pay for automated apps. This left only manual apps, which meant I needed to input everything at the end of the school day anyways. In addition to this I would not want to use QS, again in the digital realm because for me it raises privacy issues. Having my movement tracked in order to tell me how far I went is slightly worrying. Despite this, I still find the benefits of quantifying myself now have become more than the costs and so I will I do it in the projects and possibly continuing past the quarter. I want to improve myself and this tool will, I believe, help me in that regard.

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