America’s Pastime

America’s pastime. The greatest sport ever invented. Baseball. The aroma of hot dogs, popcorn, and fried food at the ballpark. Walking into the stadium and hearing the organ playing a catchy tune and hearing the steady rumble of the crowd. Finding your seat and getting ready for the adventure of this sport to begin. Cheering as the home team player hits a home run to win the game and the fireworks pop and flash in the air.

This feeling is what really defines the sport of baseball. Not to mention playing the game. Which is an even larger adventure. It is said that hitting a baseball that is flying at you at 60 mph is the most difficult act to accomplish in any sport out there. Practice is vital. If you have been playing the game for years and don’t practice: you are as good as a rookie on his first game. To play baseball you have to do a couple things: your mind must be sharp. You need to know what to do if the ball comes to you. You actually have to be smart. As the ball approaches, you need to think about your load, driving your leg… Punch your hands through. Hit the ball.

The thing about America’s pastime is that you fail more than you succeed. Especially at the plate. This gives you the motivation for sweet accomplishment. All these things about baseball lead up to the accomplishment. Motivation, practice, thinking. Basically what makes baseball the greatest sport to play and watch. So many things to observe and do. Baseball is America’s pastime because that is one of the first sports people think of when they are thinking about America. Baseball is like an adventure. so many things that could happen in a blink of an eye and change the game. Baseball shows the spirit of America. You need to be tough… Mentally and physically. And most of all, persevere. A lot to take in. This great sport, baseball, America’s pastime.

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