Why do we fail to remember our travels? This app could be a game changer.

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Traveling can be seen as something really beautiful and extraordinary in our lives. The feeling of freedom, exciting adventures, new cultures, exotic tastes, stunning nature, … This is why we want to preserve these experiences and share it with friends and family. BUT…

…let’s be honest and ask ourselves if we are willing to do more than just taking photos? Who is still writing a journal or travel blog if it is not a source of income? Non-commercial travel blogs got pretty rare these days.

Who of you is willing to go through the hassle of updating friends and family every single day, while traveling? Do you really want to spam everyone with text or WhatsApp messages?

And what do we do with the bulk of photos we took, afterwards? Well, we might share two or three on Instagram or Facebook to show some people (which we don’t really care about anyway) how cool we are, get some likes and then we might transfer them to a hard drive on our computer or cloud where we forget about them after a while. Like we forget the majority of the experience in general. After only three months we fail to remember little details, like the name of a restaurant, accommodation or likeminded travelers we met. After 6 months we even start to forget the things we did and when we did them. And I don’t need to tell you that this is only getting worse. Unfortunately it’s not easy to relive your travel experiences and re-access all the beautiful memories.

photo from “Reise durch das südliche China”

So what if someone is asking you for tips and tricks they can use for their next trip? Are you really going to sit down and write an essay?

What if you want to show your parents or friends the highlights of your last travel adventure? Are you really going to sort through all the photos and create a complex slide show?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it.

So why is all of this still a pain?

The problem already starts while we are traveling. Of course we want to enjoy our vacation, we want to enjoy the moment. This goes strictly against our wish to preserve, share and relive our travel stories. There’s simply no time to achieve both in a proper way.

At journi we went down a long and windy road to learn how we can actually fix this divergence with the help of a simple app. If you are interested in the full story on how we started, check out my earlier medium post “From startup failure to 10,000 users in 10 weeks”.

photo from “Pete & Dave’s odyssey through Nepal”

How does journi make my travels unforgettable?

Journi is a new approach to make travel journaling easy and fun again. And its community is growing fast.

Whether you are on a family trip, world tour, road trip, summer or winter vacation, honeymoon, weekend getaway or any other adventure, journi automatically builds a beautiful story out of your photos and notes and gives a nice overview of your travel route on a map.

For each story you decide whether it is visible to only you, to selected friends or to the whole journi community. Invite your friends and share your content across all channels including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage and more. Once friends are invited and follow your trip, journi will automatically keep them up to date. So they can travel with you straight from the couch.

The group journaling feature makes it also a great tool for traveling with a partner or friends, or for multi-generational trips and reunions. Just invite collaborators and capture your trip together from different angles.

With journi your old passport stamps celebrate a revival: For each country you visited you will earn stamps in your trip timeline and your profile, to have an overview of where you’ve been already.

Of course the app works perfectly offline, while at the same time keeping battery consumption at a minimum. All your content will be updated once you are online again.

If you are currently not traveling you can follow your friends trips or discover more than 80,000 journis in the app’s explore feed. You can browse through different categories like Featured Trips, Europe, North America, Asia, City Trips, Short Trips, etc. and discover various travel adventures or search for journis in specific locations. This way you can get inspiration for your next trip, see which routes to take and places to visit, follow other users footprints, or simply get lost in foreign places and cultures. Find, follow and share the trips you like on journi — from Italian city trips in Florence to biking in Norway, backpacking in Southeast Asia, road trips through New Zealand, hiking in Patagonia and Nepal or discovering National Parks in the US.

Tip: While the app was developed for travelers in the first place, there are already users on the platform using it beyond traveling. Examples of non travel journis are: mums keeping a diary about their children, people documenting the life of their pets, craftsmen and artists documenting projects, wedding guests capturing and sharing the event from different angles, foodies keeping a diary about their favorite food spots, or its simply used as a daily journal.

To learn more, just check out www.journiapp.com or discover us on the App or Play Store.

In a nutshell: What makes journi unique?

Photo from “Off to Australia”
  1. The users and their content. We ❤ both. Search, Discover and share over 80,000 trips. They are all very personal and way better than commercial travel blogs.
  2. journi has a unique and simple UI/UX that makes travel journaling a pleasure. That means: a) Automatically build shareable stories including maps b) Do it offline or online, c) keep friends and family automatically up to date, d) create your stories together, e) do it on your preferred iOS or Android device in over 10 different languages.
  3. Quickly find, relive and share your travel adventures whenever you want. Now you have your complete travel history right there in your pocket.

I’m proud to say that this week we took travel journaling to a whole new level. We released a new version for iPhone and first time also for iPad to make your travels truly unforgettable, but with ease. The app with all new features is and always will be available for free.

And now, have fun with it! #lifeisajourni

P.S. The update will soon also be released on Android.

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