“Shiv The Third Eye”

Today is Maha Shivratri and I can feel the power of the Glance that the greatest Lord of Hindu Trilogy “Shiva”! Proclaims and effects us all as Blessings.
The stare is magnetic and motivates us to perform prayers to keep our selves connected as the Devotee of “The Lord of “Distruction”. There is no one like him in the universe. Even the “Ghosts”have an origin from him, there is no comparison from anything else, he is the greatest power of the destiny. It is believed that there is a huge earthquake all over the world like a hell and fire has evolved everywhere along with the destruction when the “Third Eye” is open!
No one can challenge his strength and yog that he continues to do for Millions of years in his home Mount kailash. People say that today he was married to his wife “Lord Parvati” and also swollowed the poison during “kshir Sagar” or “Samudra Manthan”.
Shiva’s Great Dissolution takes place when his”Third Eye Opens” in kali yug.
The worship word is ॐ (om) that can be recited as a prayer to the almighty Lord, It is the most powerfull word in the entire universe.
“Happy Shivratri” to all !!!

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