List of Phones That Can Be Expected To Be Based On Android Nougat

We all are curious to know what are those phones that are going to get the latest update that is Android Nougat. All are searching for the android nougat phones, Here we are going to share a list as per the possibility of launch with android nougat. We are using the word possibility because some phones are confirmed to launch with the nougat and some just has chances to launch with it.

Huawei Nexus 6P: This is the Android nougat phone at this moment. It is an official Google smartphone and it will get the Android Nougat update, conceivably with days of launch of the new OS.

LG Nexus 5X: This is also counted as a present era Nexus phone and henceforth will get Nougat update, conceivably at the meantime when Nexus 6P gets it.

HTC 10, HTC One A9 and HTC One M9: These are top of the line HTC phones and they will get the Android Nougat. That much has been affirmed by HTC. But, the odds are the updates will be deferred. HTC may take even a couple of months after launch of Android Nougat before it conveys the overhauls to these three phones. Also, HTC 10 will doubtlessly be the primary HTC phone to get it.

These three are confirmed to be here with the launch as android nougat phones. Now, it is the time to check the list of best android Nougat phones:

Moto G4 Plus: Motorola, which utilizes practically unmodified form of Android in its phones, and since 2013 has a perfect record of bringing Android updates is not officially confirm which of its phones will get Nougat. Yet, it is practically sure that the Moto G4 Plus will be one of these nougat phones.

Moto G4: If it is true that Moto G4 Plus will get the nougat update than, the Moto G4 will also get the same. The update are liable to come surprisingly close to the Nougat launch.

Moto Z phones: These are not yet available at present but when Nougat comes, these will also be in the market. The Moto Z phones will get the Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge: There is no official confirmation, but simply like HTC Samsung will convey Nougat update to the present era Galaxy phones. Albeit, much the same as HTC the organization may take a month after Nougat launch.

Galaxy Note 6: In the coming months, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 6 — or is it going to be known as the Note 7 — conceivably with Marshmallow in light of the fact that the Nougat may not launch by then. However, after that when Nougat update is accessible, anticipate that Samsung will convey it to the latest Note when it.

LG G5: To match HTC and Samsung, LG is likewise certain to convey the Nougat to the flagship G5 when it can.

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