A Little Information about Bowhead

Have you ever heard about the Bowhead? Bowhead is a company that will give you a health platform in personalized. This company is the first company that support by the block chain. You have to know that Bowhead runs in the health side. The block chain system that available on this company is so transparent. If you join to this company then you will be the member with patient status. As a patient then you can use the Bowhead token to pay for the service of health practitioners, nutrition supplement and the medicine. You will also receive the Bowhead token to participate in healthy activities to give incentive on the health preventive.

Bowhead has a good proven leadership team that will support the system there. Bowhead is a company from Canada. It has a team consist of doctor, data scientist and biochemist, health trainers and also software engineers and robotics. Today, Bowhead has prototype software that has operational function as below:

  • Installed with iOs and Android
  • Refill, counting and share the ball capsule gel
  • Show the vitamin percentage stock, medicine and also vitamin
  • Communicate with Open PV Bowhead implementation to use the computer screening on the strip coloring analysis. On the other word, the computer can read and understand specified color that represented on the cartridge because of the biometric response.

The prototype designed to use the auto cad, raspberry Pi, 3D printing, and CNC plastic molding. The Bowhead first investor offers you the entire plastic component that works together to the Bowhead technique during the assembly process. They have the large experiences on the formation that supply the plastic product like the bottle pills and also eye drops to the branded company like Sanofi Pasteur, Bayer and GSK. The Bowhead token crowd sale even held on 17th July 2017.

For the ICO event it still exists now. If you want to join to this project then you can through the ICO. As the compensation then Bowhead will give you a total of token. The more you participate to this event the bigger token that you will get. The system that use by the Bowhead is so transparent. Every data that you input on this company will be 100% safe. They have good security system that will keep your entire medical record well. Do not need to worry about this company because beside the ICO event you will also use the product. The smart machine will give you the best medical test result in real time.

Website: https://www.bowheadhealth.com/

ICO Page: https://tokens.bowheadhealth.com/

Waves add wallet: 3PCqxLejR23BAapM9zuM3C6gAUBu9WJMGWR

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