Aeternity can Make Smart Contracts to be More Decentralized with Oracle Technology

The world today seems to have a much more sophisticated and intelligent. Everybody needs something that could make things even more simple, practical, and efficient. The sophistication and technological advancement today of course also affect the various aspects of life. One is of a financial transaction process. Many people and organizations would like to make transactions carried out can be fast, secure, and decentralized to be able to follow the development and growth of an increasingly modern era and sophisticated. One form of the new technologies could be a solution in the modern era like now is a technology developed Aeternity. A new blockchain technology is believed to be able to make smarter more decentralized contract with Oracle technology.

Transactions are fast, secure, and indeed much needed decentralized in the development and progress of the economy and the digital industry as it is today. By utilizing the technology platform blockchain through smart contract from Ethereum, Aeternity develops blockchain technology more transparent and decentralized with oracle technology. As we know that, the oracle technology is often used in the crypto world. However, the use of these technologies seems not too maximized. Aeternity seemed to want to take this opportunity with clever contracts platform to carry the algorithm Proof of Work. This is an algorithm of work with a fast and anonymous transactions to make the workers get a direct result of them being lightning-fast performance.

Aeternity technology developed is believed to be one technology to solve problems crypto currency. Crypto currency, often a problem that in many large transactions occur pending transactions giving rise to numerous complaints from the users even any transaction fee becomes larger because of their work increasingly heavy miners to confirm the transaction within a block of a large amount. However, by leveraging Oracle technology promoted by Aeternity, the transaction can be done at speeds exceeding the speed of light so that the transactions will feel much more comfortable as anyone can trade a fast, secure, confidential, and decentralized. The technology can also be utilized using the mobile and web systems with new algorithms so that mining can be done via smartphone efficiently.

Aeternity their developed technology, we may be time to use newer technology with features that qualified as a feature that is able to provide the speed of transactions, a feature that supports the integration of mining through Smartphone, or otherwise. If there had been no blockchain technology that offers technology and features as expected, Aeternity trying to prove to observers blockchain technology that oracle technology capable of providing a variety of needs that were previously complained of by the miners. The technology is expected to be a solution to perform a variety of transactions quickly, secret, secure, transparent, and centralized.

The utilization of new technology is not a terrible thing for able to meet varied conditions. In fact, the existence of newer technologies with features that provide a variety of convenience and practicality will surely make things run more efficiently and controlled. With the development and advancement of a variety of today’s technology, we may rightly to be able to appreciate and adapt to the various changes that occur so that we can be one part of something ancient and should be abandoned.

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