EncryptoTel Combines BlokchainProtocols, VoIP, and Virtual PBX for Secure Communication

What will happen if we combine blockchain protocols, VoIP, and Virtual PBX? The answer is exceptionally secure and easy communication. This is what EncryptoTel have been working on for years. They work on a project to make people of the world free from worry, fright, and fear of unsecured communication.They prepared communication service with encryption so people could get private communication of audio call, video call, and instant messaging that are free from surveillance and exploitation from other unrelated parties. They will make you feel safe and comfortable to talk about and send anything without worry of hackers and thieves that will steal your information.

At first, it sounds complicated and expensive because this would be something high tech made by team of experts. However, they promise the service would be affordable that even more effective, more efficient, and lower cost than traditional telecommunication.

It is true that EncryptoTel is worked by the team of experts. It is also true that they need big support of fund to run their project. In fact, they need $100,000+ for the first time to create fully functional commercial product that would have the ability to enter global PBX market and compete there. The funding milestones will grow as the project continues until it could penetrate international market. However, the idea of combining blockchain protocols made it possible to make the project successful.

They made blockchain integration for invoicing and cryptocurrencies as the payment method. Cryptocurrencies are secure yet transparent in transaction. It will give high security because no one could know personal information of the owner of the cryptocurrency, but it will be easy for the related parties to track the transactions. Therefore, there would be no personal information thieves and no one will rob your bank account when you using cryptocurrency to pay the communication services from EncryptoTel. In addition, cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies that will help to make the service cost lower.

They will raise fund for the project by selling their token. ICO will start in spring 2017. Similar with other cryptocurrencies, they will use the fund as investment. There would be revenue generation and return on investment. Depend on the fund raised; they will update the development plan.

When the project successful, we will able to enjoy easy, secure, and low cost communication like we never have it before. They will make the services applicable in multiplatform devices both desktop and mobile and support any operating system including Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android. They even plan to make it possible to connect it to the traditional phones and to access PBX via messaging services. Therefore, users should not buy new devices because what they have is already enough. Although they have own token, other cryptocurrencies are accepted for the payment.

Investors will get even more benefits from this promising project. As the owner of EncryptoTel tokens, people will get discounts and additional benefits for their services. Then, investors will get return of investment that should be good as this project successful. If you interest to invest, do not miss their crowdsale.

Website: http://encryptotel.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/encryptotel
Slack: https://encryptotel.herokuapp.com/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1848180.0