The Use of SONM for Various Projects

With the use and production of data have been increased from time to time, most end clients rely on cloud computing system to process data in massive quantity. Within cloud computing system, data will be sent to cloud first to then be processed according to user needs. Such system marks the era of Internet of Things, which help sharpen the way we use data today. However, things started to change today, as there is a development called Internet of Everything which basically harbor an idea that cloud computing should not be centralized into single place. The SONM project works based on such idea, spreading data through any device the user has, although at the same time it still connected tightly to the idea of Internet of Things.

How to Explain the SONM

SONM using P2P technologies, which become a top layer of project. Within such technology, Smart Contracts act as a consensus system; whereas decentralized of cloud computing rely solely on Cocaine open source PaaS technology. Within that sense, no central control in SONM and in turn there will be no escape hatches and backdoors.

For investors who demand value, SONM has been developing the modified SOSNA technology. It means the SONM uses token SNM which created based on blockhain by Ethereum. This is important part of SONM, because any online service such as a company which use large database, MMORPG, online shops, business website, etc, are definitely rely their service on computational power. At which point, SONM’s tokens are used generally to solve computing power issues. Any user can use their computational resources to earn passive income too, and it’s all centered in SONM’s tokens.

Although seemed to be alternative solution for cloud computing system which is centralized, but the migration from centralized to decentralized SONM won’t occur quickly. It needs a long transition although many have been predicting positive result regarding the migration. The price for SONM’s token is sustained by stable market demand, particularly one which related to computing power. Nowadays, people need a computing solution which has ability to bring competitive prices to the surface, something which lack in today’s market of cloud computing system.

SONM Use in Different Context

SONM platform can be used in different context and needs, and they were including but not limited to:

· Rendering video and computer graphic tasks

SONM network can distribute rendering CGI task between a large number of devices. The whole process takes in a matter of minutes. SONM promises much faster render processing for clients, because it has flexible infrastructure. Take an example when a user would like to rent 600 K80 NVidia units. He can use the SONM network to complete task process of rendering video in just 10 minutes. In this case, the system of parallel computing and distributed architecture provide more efficient process of rendering, and thus reduce the price of renting K80 NVidia unit.

· Game Server

Most MMO games using currencies which can be used only with the realm of game. The SONM platform provides a great solution for deploying game servers, which in essence giving support in the form of SONM tokens.





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