Natural essential oils are ancient heritage with many benefits

Nature is the best source of all types of substances. Especially when it comes to aroma, nature has manage to create fantastic fragrances than any laboratory in the world. Going back to deriving natural aromatic substances from wild is the key to obtain best products. Natural essential oils are nothing but extracts obtained from trees, plants, leaves and fruits. The natural aroma from fully organically grown plant is ultimate fragrance obtained from mother earth. Biggest scientists and organic essential oils manufacturers in world have failed in creating the artificial counter parts of the organic essential oils. This pure essential oil has great demands in global market due to superior quality and exclusivity.

Natural essential oil

These oils are popularly known as essential oil in the commercial market. Those are further divided into subcategories like ethereal oils, volatile oils, depends on its source. These oils are pumped out from the plant through the process of distillation. Many of pure essential oils tend to have medicinal properties. Clove oil has been traditionally used as pain killer. Essential oils are the promoters of smell of plants they are derived from. Its organic nature guarantees everlasting fragrance. The applications of organic essential oils are so diverse that they can’t be classified into one category of the products in the field of pharmacy, medicine or culinary sciences.

Intensity of the aroma varies from part to part in plants. The historians have revealed many uses of natural essential oils in ancient times. The basic method to extract essential oil from the plant was to place it into fatty oils.

organic essential oils

The credit of discovering most efficient method to obtain organic oil goes to Arabs. These traders travelled whole Eurasia and took their unique aromatic products along with them. Due to increasing demand, they developed distillation method to produce pure essential oil in medieval period. The modern producers are using steam-distillation method to obtain these oils now. The quantity and quality of extract depends on the type of raw material utilized in the process.

The plants are now being subject to methods like solvent extraction, hot fat extractions, Expression and cold fat extraction for efficient production. These oils have crucial implications in the treatment of aroma therapy. As the world explores more alternate forms of medicine, the demand for organic essential oil will constantly grow. Many people have claimed that the oils have healing properties and they are using it through nebulizer diffusion, burning over candle heat or simply massaging the body by oil.

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