How to Choose the Right Commercial Cold-Air Scent Diffuser

Business owners looking to attract new customers and keep existing clients coming back for more can make good use of aromatherapy to discreetly influence browsing and buying patterns. Before deciding what type of scents will best suit the purposes of any particular business, property owners must consider what means of application is most appropriate. A company called aromatech offers a variety of scent diffusers specifically tailored to commercial spaces of different sizes.

Small Rooms or Buildings

The AroMini Deluxe is sleek, stylish, and simple to use. It is designed for spaces like hotel lobbies, retail stores, gyms, spas, building entryways, and other small to medium-sized spaces that are 1,000 square feet or less. It is designed to work on an internal digital timer, allowing business owners to set everything from hours of operation to intensity easily and ensure that the perfect ambiance is awaiting employees and customers alike when the stores or other spaces open.

Medium Spaces

The AromaPro is a 3-in-1 commercial scenting system that offers property owners the choice between connecting it into an existing HVAC or AC system, mounting it discreetly on a wall, or allowing it to stand freely. It uses cold-air diffusion technology to create a consistent scent in medium to large spaces like hotel lobbies, casinos, trade shows, airports, and larger gyms. Like the AroMini, it offers full scent intensity control, the ability to pre-set hours of operation, and is capable of scenting areas up to four times larger than its smaller cousin.

Large Spaces

The Air Stream Single system is designed for spaces up to 7,000 square feet. It is connected directly to HVAC or AC systems, giving it the power to scent multiple rooms and even multiple floors simply and discreetly. Its cold-air fragrance diffuser system comes complete with a four-liter drum, giving it a much longer operating time between refills than smaller systems.

Extra Large Spaces

Spaces like large hotel lobbies, guest corridors, and large retail environments have unique needs when it comes to scent diffusion. The Air Stream Duo by aromatech offers coverage for spaces between 3,000 square feet and 15,000 square feet and connects directly into the buildings’ HVAC systems. Amazingly, this system can offer consistent coverage at an efficiency rate that is up to 50% higher than diffusers that are not routed through central ventilation.