The threat is intangible and invisible. But we know it’s out there. And we know we must respect it.

Black Lives Matter, Greensboro protests, systemic racism
Black Lives Matter, Greensboro protests, systemic racism
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Fear has consumed us. We feel frustrated and trapped. We’ve been prisoners in our homes. And we haven’t felt truly safe going out in public, in many months.

Daily norms, pastimes and personal pleasures are all part of what defines us as individuals. Access to them — or lack thereof — shapes our overall human experience in this world. Perhaps we’ve learned, at least, that we’ve taken some of them for granted. Maybe even gained a greater appreciation for them, when things do return to ‘normal.’

This experience in limited liberty is a first for most Americans. Yes, we are…

A tribute to a great man who leaves a legacy of love and laughter.

Sunrise in Vis, Croatia | August 2013


  • Prologue
  • Act 1: The Unknown King of Comedy
  • Act 2: The Last King of Yacht Week
  • Act 3: The Irish Ripcord
  • Act 4: The Sandwich Foreman
  • Act 5: Your Mom’s a Good Lookin’ Lady
  • Act 6: Skybox Soulmates
  • Epilogue

Better judgment blinded by visions of epic aerial footage, I threw caution to the wind one too many times at Cotopaxi volcano. If you dare provoke the drone gods, be prepared to answer to the supreme authority of their earthly avatar.

As a child, the feeling of shame that comes from the disapproving reprimand of an adult is enough to shrink us to nothing. In an instant, all youthful innocence is lost. It’s that moment we know we’ve been caught — and we’re truly guilty.

The finger shake. The cold, stone-faced glare. Physical manifestations that sometimes speak louder than words ever could.

Then, there are the words themselves, which come in many forms. The furious tirade. A firm, disciplinarian lecture. The low, guttural, teeth-grimacing grumble.

Caught red-handed? How ‘bout a healthy dose of “what do you think you’re doing?”

Futile effort…

On Christmas Eve in Aruba, we gave up our search for weapons, and went hunting for rum. Incredibly, we found both.

The Arubian Taste: Aruba’s legendary rum shop known for creative mixology and owners that exude generosity of spirit.
The Arubian Taste: Aruba’s legendary rum shop known for creative mixology and owners that exude generosity of spirit.

As a non-violent person dedicated to helping people, one wouldn’t expect my older brother’s Washington D.C. apartment to boast an armory of exotic weapons.

During my first trip to Australia, I was ecstatic to find a rare left-handed boomerang for Brett. His collection began with this simple novelty gift. Soon, it evolved into an ironic, running tradition.

The next year, I returned from Thailand with a handmade slingshot used for hunting small game (off-label use: youthful hijinks). A later trip to Australia yielded a waddy (or, nulla nulla) — a heavy, hand-carved wooden club used by the Aborigines for both…

The Lyrarakis family has been dedicated to sustainable winemaking since the 1960s — and protecting vulnerable fruits of the vine since the 1990s.

Many associate Greece with ouzo, raki and other high-gravity digestifs that sometimes singe the hairs from the surface of your tongue. Yet, despite its ideal climate for viticulture (→ grape cultivation), Greece has historically fallen short when it comes to viniculture (→ grape cultivation, specific to wine).

In recent years, however, the pendulum has begun to swing. Now, Crete — nominated by Wine Enthusiast in 2016 for Wine Region of the Year — is the heart and soul of Greece’s up-and-coming wine scene.

Today, Crete has upwards of 50 wineries growing dozens of varietals — both endemic and imported. But…

Long after an unusually-hilarious experience at the Minoan Palace of Knossos, we (humbly) learned that a little bit of homework before our trip would have gone a long way.

There’s something to be said for the concept of blind travel. With limited prior knowledge of a new country, city or culture, one may end up leaving with a more profound first impression. Free of preconceived notions & unburdened with expectations, a pair of unwitting travelers may find themselves spontaneously in the midst of something truly unforgettable.

But this free-spirited approach to inviting the unexpected carries risk. And this holds true even more so, when visiting sites of historical, cultural or religious sensitivity: places of worship, cemeteries, battlegrounds…or in this case: an archaeological reconstruction.

Greece’s #2 archaeological tourist attraction

Whether you’re interested in history, archaeology…

New Year’s Eve in Ecuador is a passionate, explosive mix of street partying, cross-dressing and publicly burning away the demons of the past. Strap on your stilettos, jump through the flames and discover how this tiny country gives a warm, wild welcome to the New Year.

On December 26, 2018, we began a 3-month chapter in Ecuador’s capital city: Quito. This is a first-hand account of our experience in the days that followed.

Disclaimer: Our objectives are to educate, generate exposure for, and create excitement about New Year’s Eve in Ecuador. If you leave inspired to experience it for yourself one day, please do so safely, respectfully & responsibly. It is not our intent to promote or encourage any reckless or potentially harmful behavior.

Chapter 1: Strange happenings in the streets of Quito

Friday, December 28, 2018. Around 6:00pm.

Standing on the corner of the busy Avenida República de El Salvador, I pay for a triple espresso and thank the barista…

Moroccan architecture is diverse, colorful, unique…often stunning…and sometimes, completely hidden from view.

The deceptive beauty of Moroccan architecture is a dynamic we first noticed while wandering the medina of Marrakech. Our guide described the phenomenon as blind architecture: the beauty hidden behind every wall.

While certain structures — such as mosques or palaces — display outward beauty to the world around them, many buildings appear plain on the outside.

Heavy, wooden doors provoke curiosity.

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