World First Cryptocurrency with Decentralized Multiple Platforms

We would like to give an overview between the Daatty Coin and Bitcoin. Bitcoin was launched about 11 years ago.It went through enormous amount of skepticism. And as early as two to three years ago, the entire financial markets were very questionable about Bitcoin. A lot of people reputed it as a fraud,but the situation now has changed,especially when the billionaire hedge fund investor invested between one and two percent of his worth net in Bitcoin assets.

Daatty Coin was launched three months ago and within a short amount of time it reached impressive results.

One of the most important reason why you should invest in Daatty Coin is because we are the first multi platform having decentralized projects for all needs. Our decentralized projects are:

-Payment system

-Digital shopping


-Search Engine

-Cloud Storage

-Freelance Platform

-Learning App


-Video Conferencing App

-On demand multiple services

-Social media networking

-Booking and Rental

-Software solution

-Professional Services

We also have a strong networking behind the brand and believe time will come when more people will start using our cryptocurrency and multi decentralized platform. Once we become popular our price and volume will grow exponentially.

For all our coin holders we will be offering a free access to our decentralized multi platform based on the quantity of the coin possessed. We guarantee a safe ROI for all our investors willing to join the Daatty Coin community. Exchanges between DTC and other major cryptocurrencies will be available,but as soon as you sell the DTC token all your benefits are lost and transferred to the new owner.

The rewards are huge.If you invest 100 thousand dollars, you would be lucky if you are going to make eight to 10 percent on an annual return basis unless that amount is invested in Daatty Coin and the returns could be exponentially higher in a less amount of time.

The risk is proportional because the price can go down but can also grow its value far more than it was before and this is a phenomenon that is going to continue.Digital currency is the way the whole world is evolving. We want you to take part of this evolution with us before it is too late,because from our side there will be hard work to achieve our goals.For more info about our projects you can visit us at

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