If Clarity Powers Greatness, Why is it so Hard to Achieve?

Photo by Charlie Shuck from dezeen

When I imagine clarity, I imagine sitting in one of those homes you see in a magazine with the floor to ceiling windows. Natural light pours into the space. I’m sitting there with my coffee at 5 am looking out into the water and the trees.

There is a certain peace that is unimaginable. Peace and safety. Tranquility. It is that feeling when all is aligned. Mind, body, a sense of acceptance of the past and excitement for living tomorrow all while understanding that the only real moment is right now.

It is as though the past experiences — pain, hardship, failure, love, love lost, people, education and experience — are a source of power that informs what I am doing right now.

It is a ball of energy that is different then everyone else’s ball of energy. That energy is enclosed in the center of my being like Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. My body is the iron suit that expresses that energy into motion and action.

We are all Iron Man.

Clarity powers our iron suits, our bodies and minds. Clarity is energy harnessed into work and power. When we can see, feel, and sense that a dream is attainable, however far-fetched, we can bridge the gap because the dream is clear.

Without the clear image of what the dream looks like, feels like, sounds like, or smells like, there is no destination to shoot for.

It has been a personal struggle to harness the energy of clarity. There is a lot that muddies the image we have for our lives.

Expectations from our parents, family, and friends. There are societal norms. There is conventional thinking. There may even be the stories we tell ourselves that are hiding in plain sight standing in our way.

We fear the unknown or failure, standing out, or being excluded by our friends and family. There are stories we tell ourselves about the things we think we want but once we get there, it looks and feels nothing like what we imagined.

Clarity is the beginning of all great endeavors and life journeys, but why is it so hard to clean the windows of everything that obstructs our views of who we can be and what we are capable of?

The people I admire — Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett, Jim Carey, Elon Musk, and Stephen Curry to name a few — all seem to be extremely clear on why they do what they do. Whether you like or dislike them, you cannot deny their greatness. The image of what life, business, or success looks like is undeniable to them. The “how” follows the “why.”

Is this in-born or are they better at listening to that voice inside of themselves?

I recently watched a video of Jim Carey talking about his obsession with painting. He said that he cannot help but paint and create. It is an expression of who he is and even at the moment of painting, it does not become clear what it meant to him until he looks at it a year later.

Where do we look for clarity but within ourselves?

We can look to our dreams. Our images and experiences. Our souls.

It sounds so abstract, and as a rational over-thinker it makes me anxious that finding clarity is not more concrete. But as I wrestle with the abstract way I am as a human being, I am beginning to accept that the abstract and the mysterious is where dreams come from.

We are less in control of our minds than we believe. There is something innate in the human brain and our human being that some of us are more capable of tapping into than others.

Those who know how to harness it create lives and worlds that others only dream of. They allow the ridiculous, implausible, and impossible to become possible in their minds. They start by removing impossibility and create the hope that their dreams can come true.

There is energy in hope. There is a relentlessness that comes from extreme clarity of a lofty goal that can power anyone through hardship and challenges.

Confidence comes from clarity — the energy to run through walls and annihilate obstacles.

Only if we allowed our dreams to rush free from our minds without our frontal lobes and limbic systems from telling us we cannot.

Only we can determine what we can or cannot do.

Unshackle your dreams from fear, expectations, and norms. When we break the chains holding down our dreams can we live healthy lives, build a dream career and business, and create something that matters.

Everyone who did something great was human, just like you and me.

Dreams and clarity are equal opportunity employers.

Become the vessel for which dreams come true. Set the sails free. Get off the confines of the treadmill and run on the road…hell run off-the road. Let life be a free medium for expression. There are no confines to how or what you can do.

The laws of nature dictate that you can harness the energy within your mind to write whatever story you want. The Great Wall of China. The pyramids of Giza. Democracy. Nuclear energy. Cars. Airplanes. The MacBook Pro I am using right now. Smart phones.

All of these are human creations that started with an idea, a clear intention. Clarity is the where you want to go from your “you are here” sticker on the map of your life.

Without the destination, there is no way to figure out the route to get there because you have no idea where there is.

The alternative is free floating every which way. Maybe you will arrive at a suitable destination and maybe you will not. Maybe it means having the clarity to say that you want to live without a clear destination and see where it goes. In a way that is also clarity.

Just do not arrive at the end of the journey saying that you wish you ended up somewhere else.

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