What a Community Manager is Not

To this day there are still some people that have the wrong idea on what social media marketing is and what a community manager or social media manager really does.

Way back when I was studying my Post-graduate degree in Social Media in Madrid, Spain,I had a blog about infographics and comics mixed up with topics from social media. It was like a school project.

It served it´s purpose and got me pretty good grades when I finished the course, and it also got me some visitors to my website but I was only able to create three posts and was made only in spanish.

So now that I began playing with this new toy I decided to bring some of those posts and translate them into english for my Medium fans.

Hope the humor works in english as well, as my characters were planned to be a parody of spanish people. Thanks for understanding if it doesn’t makeyou laugh.

Friends and people always ask the same question: “So you’re an expert on Facebook and that is why you are a Social Media Manager?”.

The truth is, Yes! I'm an expert on everything Facebook but is not even half the truth on why I love social media so much and the reason I call it a job. (Well I also got so good on Tinder that I may create a complete course on that, but I will talk about hooking up on Tinder on another post)

Being a Community Manager really is about something more than just uploading photos and sharing status and that is why I decided to create this post to let everybody know once and for all what my profession is all about:

  1. Yeah, knowing how to use Facebook is knowing how to be a Community Manager. In part. There is Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus (i guess), Instagram, E-commerce stores with reviews, forums, company support pages, and the list goes on and on. So another answer may be no, Facebook is just a tool, knowing what to do with the people that use Facebook and all those tools is when you know you are a real Community Manager. Not just one of them. Did I mention I mastered Tinder?
  2. Talking about Technical Support. Sometimes a Community Manager may represent the technical support page of a certain brand, and yes we must make sure that once an emergency happens we must know how to calm the users and keep them that way before they start talking trash about our boss who in this case may be our client. But most of the times we are just that, a social media manager and technical stuff is not “our stuff” so please, know the difference.
  3. It may sound like an easy and stress-free job. But imagine talking to 1,000,000 users and these users are the clients of the brand you are working for. This brand may be Coca-Cola and this is a company that’s been around for years. How do you know if you say this or that really represents their mission?, their values?, their sweet, carbonated and addicted flavor? Yeap, is not that easy….to say no to drink a coke…yeah, I just can’t…oh god please help me, I’ve been coke-free for three days and already need one asap!
  4. When Facebook is long gone, there will be no Community Managers. The truth is like in point #1, we have many other options and people to lead, so, no worries, mate.
  5. Creating social media profiles is free, why should Community Managers get paid?. Well the answer is easy. To create an effective campaign requires skill and time so you can plan ahead and know when to interest your community, when to make them your followers and best of all , when to make them your clients, so …more time=more money.

So that does it!! Are you a Community Manager too? Have this happened before to you? Or if you’re not, does this make it clearer on what we do? What other strange ideas do people have about social media?

Thanks for reading!!