How CDNC Embraces our Future

I’ve long held the belief that CDNC has the potential to become the leading youth arm of the North Carolina Democratic party, we just need to push ourselves in the right direction to ensure that happens. But how? Today I’m releasing my four-step plan to do that.

  1. More Organizing, Less Debating. As this organization’s current Political Director, as a former President of the NC Teen Democrats, as a former organizing fellow for the Kay Hagan U.S. Campaign, and as an organizer with Hillary for Florida, I understand the importance of putting boots on the ground and getting the job done. CDNC can’t lose sight of that. CDNC must be on the front-lines of the field and if reelected, I plan on making that happen. In the event of legislative elections of 2017 I’ll be calling for 4 field canvasses, 1 in Wake County, 1 in Mecklenburg County, 1 in Pitt County, and 1 one out west. These canvasses are important because it allows our members to learn more about the folks we’re asking to vote for our candidates. It also allows our members the opportunity to see what it is like to win elections one door at a time. If the legislative elections don’t happen in 2017 I’ll fight for those same canvasses in municipal elections too. In 2016 Charlotte proved to us the importance of our city governments, let’s work to elect Democrats to city councils from Laurinburg to Lexington.
  2. Let’s train our caucus leaders and our chapter leaders. A few years ago the NCDP held regional training across our state, as an organizer I’m all for those training about enabling more folks about how to take back their communities, that’s a good model for what I want to do with CDNC. My goal is to have four training sessions for our caucus and chapter leaders in the same regions we’re canvassing. Our caucuses deserve training beyond the traditional how to knock doors and make phone calls, they also deserve training on how to correctly use Vote Builder, Bluegrass 2.0, how to develop and correctly use their social media following. If elected I’ll work hard to make that happen.
  3. Let’s fund our caucuses. John Easterling, a great friend of mine and a Candidate for CDNC President, released a plan to raise $5,000 to fully fund projects CDNC sponsors. That’s a great idea, when we hit that goal next year I’m going to fight to include CDNC’s caucuses in our organization’s budget. Why? We can’t ask you to succeed if we don’t step up to the plate.
  4. Caucuses that reflect our priorities. When I was elected last March I made myself, and this organization, a simple promise: Our caucuses will reflect the diversity of our members and the progressive voters on campuses all across this state. That’s a promise I believe I have kept, but that’s only the beginning. It’s now time that our caucuses reflect our priorities as a party too. How? There are two steps that we can take to make that happen. 1) We must create more caucuses to reflect the identities of our diverse voters, this means breaking the CDNC Minority Caucus into two new caucuses: CDNC Hispanic Caucus and CDNC AAPI Caucus. These two new caucuses will join the CDNC Black Caucus that was created last year. 2) We must make our caucus leaders apart of the CDNC State Council. Our caucuses represent the best of our party, and their voices deserve to be heard now more than ever.
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