Junior golfer parents — waiting and asking

So there’s always a familiar pattern from a parent when they take a junior golfer to a tournamet.

It usually goes like this….

You drop them off and wait… and wait… And you might start guessing where they are and how long they might take. You start calculating when they might be on the 9th hole so you can give them something to eat or drink. Mostly you wait — wondering how they are doing. Finally they come in and you say, “how did you do” — and it’s either “good” or “junk”. One word answers!

I went through this and wondered if anything could be done about it.

So I did something about it and wrote Backtrack Golf for iPhone. The junior golfer turns it on and then it starts tracking them and marking locations when they stop — which is usually when they are going to hit the ball. Not always but mostly. It then calculates the distance between the marked spots.

The best part is that it shows their location on your iPhone. So instead of waiting and guessing where they are — you can see where they are. So you are there on the 9th hole like you wanted to be at the right time. If you need to give them something you know where they are. It’s great!!!!!!

You can tell how they are doing by the marked spots and the direction of the ball. You can see if they are going into hazards or having to hit out from trees. It’s pretty cool to see the progress as they play.

If they go away to college you can still follow them as they play on the course.

For yourself, let it track and mark your play. You can learn valuable insights into your tendencies and how you really play. You can see how much wind affects your ball and see exactly how far you hit your clubs.

You can also use it as a timer if you have an Apple watch since it gives notifications when it marks a spot. So you know if you are rushing and need to slow down.

It’s very useful software!

Backtrack Golf on the app store.

Backtrack Golf website.

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Backtrack Golf

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