3- Fantastic ways not to have a shitty day.

Good morning.

Actually not. It’s rainy. Dreary. The cat just threw up in the living room — and we’re out of coffee.

How can the rest of this day not suck?

Turn on some classical music and attempt the morning writing routine. But, nothing — no ideas.

So maybe it’s a good idea to create not a shitty day. Here are three things I came up with — to make it kinda awesome.

1. Put whipping cream on your Cheerio’s — it works. This one thing changes the entire trajectory of your day into awesome. You see, whipping cream, simply the sound it makes — instigates a dopamine drip in our brain. You want to get happy really quick — grab some whipping cream!

2. This one only works for dudes. — Put on your girlfriends or wife’s panties. Yep — I said it. Are you man enough? The point is not to feel like a woman — But to be silly and comfortable in your masculinity — It also will make you feel large and in charge — who doesn’t want that. (ps I don’t think you should wear them all day — just for a minute or two)

3. Punch someone in the face (This really works for anyone.) You know, that someone you always imagine punching or slapping but you always always just do nothing and take their bullshit. Punch them in the mouth!! This will instantly make you feel powerful. Happy. Confident. (unless they get up and kick your ass)

Anyway — make it great day?