10 Amazing Watches for Less Than $350

This is, in some ways, a continuation of a very recent piece I wrote here on the rebirth of the watch. If you’re interested in watches — whether you’re looking to begin or add to a collection, or are simply looking for a nice, new watch to wear, this is a really great time. The present and future of watches revolves around a lot more choice for people, arguably more than ever at the most accessible price points.

If you’re looking for a somewhat last-minute gift for yourself or someone else, or you’re thinking of converting some holiday cash or gift cards into a new watch, I have 10 suggestions for you here, none of which will break the bank or the $350 mark.

  1. Fossil Del Rey

While this list is truly in no particular order, this stunning Fossil may truly be number one. Readily available at Fossil and many other stores for $155, this 42 milimeter quartz chronograph has a very 1960s vibe and a style not far removed from vintage Heuer watches. While I’m truly not looking to acquire any watches for my collection at the moment, I’m extremely close to coveting this beauty.

2. Citizen AW1361–01E

One of the 5 Citizen Eco-Drive watches launched at the Baselworld watch fair earlier this year, this large 45mm eco-drive quartz is one of the nicer military-style watches I’ve seen in a while. I tried one on earlier this week and can assure you that it wears even larger than its size. With a retail price just under $200, it can be reasonably easily found for less on these here interwebs.

3. Swatch Sistem 51

I have argued that this is currently the best $150 watch in the world. I have at least two more contenders on this list, including the Del Rey, above. This is not just a $150 watch, it’s a $150 mechanical (as opposed to the generally less expensive quartz movements) watch, made by the largest watch conglomerate in the world, the Swatch Group (who even has a world-class hotel that I visited while in Shanghai last month). It’s a beautiful watch that comes in four colors and should give you years of watch-wearing pleasure.

4. Hygge 3012

Hygge is the brainchild of Mats Lönngren, who made a really interesting 39mm watch that fuses Japanese and Scandinavian design sensibilities. You can find these online at the wonderful watch shop, Watchismo, for $255.

5. Braun BN0021

I happily own one of these, purchased in Shoreditch, London, design shop earlier this year. So clean, so elegant. So Rams. While it’s a bit small for my tastes at 38mm, it can go from Bauhaus to Your House for $160.

6. Triwa Sort of Black Glow

A brand new watch from Stockholm’s most innovative new watch company. While I’m entirely unimpressed with Triwa for collaborating this week with Uber (to the point that I was going to leave them off this list), it’s a beautiful new watch. Again, small for my tastes at 38mm, but it looks as if it wears a little larger on the wrist. You can get one at Triwa for $340.

7. Seiko SNZG15J1

I am a huge fan of Seiko watches, particularly those made for and available in only the Japanese market. This classic automatic military-style beauty is a healthy 40.5mm (military watches of this style are rarely larger than 38mm) and it’s a huge bargain at around $100.

8. Fossil x Eley Kishimoto

A really rare Fossil, made available worldwide through the wonders of the Internet and our friends at Rakuten in Japan. One of the more interesting watches I’ve seen in a few years, this 38mm gem can be yours for around $200.

9. Skagen Ancher Felt

I’ve never liked any Skagen watches until a few months ago. I love some of their new designs, including this lovely 40mm watch with a soft felt band. I know it’s soft because I tried it on and almost bought it yesterday. It’s a little thin and light for my tastes, but for $145, it might fill many a Christmas stocking.

10. Tsovet FW110111–01

At $349, this watch makes it on the list right under our price ceiling. I own one of these 44mm watches, in a different color, and love how solid and fairly heavy it is. A really solid and durable watch that has yet to let me down.

So that’s it. Ten really nice and very accessible watches for you to enjoy, maybe acquire, and hopefully tell your watch-loving friends about. Please feel confident that any of the buying links I’ve provided here are very reputable. I’ve purchased from the vast majority of them and have had no problems at all.

Happy watching!