10 Favorite Watches for Under $350

So I’ve done this before. Remarkably, it was 18 months ago that I wrote a fairly popular piece about 10 watches that I’d recommend that could be found for under US$ 350.

By popular demand (at least from some people I know), it’s time to do another one.

This time around, I’m keeping the price threshold the same. What I’m doing a little differently is including only watches that I don’t have but would really, really enjoy having. Yes, the key issue here is simple:

Would owning this watch be a joyous thing for me?

I figure that if I really dig a watch, at least some of you might as well.

Price with watches is a very fungible thing. When I get watches from the US, I tend to order from very reputable discount shops, such as Jomashop or Watchsimo. I highly commend them both, as I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them over the years. Ordering from Jomashop from a non-US nation is sometimes a touch complicated. Watchsimo is perfect and ships for free anywhere in the world. I’ve also had good luck with Amazon, but not perfect luck. I’d still recommend.

All you need to do to find the best prices on these is a Google search. I really don’t want to recommend in an indepth way where to get one because discount stock varies by the day. If you ever have a question about a supplier you find, I pretty much know them all, so hit me up @aronsolomon on Twitter and just ask.

Finally, these are not in any particular order. All 10 watches are drool-worthy to me. Please enjoy my list.

Luminox SKC GMT Space

This watch comes in several styles, the grey one above is my favorite. All prices, of course, are as of the day of writing this article, which is 10th April 2016. Amazon has this right now for $292.

Victorinox Inox

Super-rugged and one of the nicest watches that Victorinox has made, and they’ve made many (along with many flops as well). Not too hard to find one of these in stock for around $290 and they come in several colors. This blue is my favorite.

Techné 41mm Harrier

I have no negative issues with Quartz watches. Some watch snobs do, but they’d also have an issue with $350 watches being awesome. This beautiful pilot watch can be found for around $180.

Seiko Alpinist

Some real fanatics of Japan-market Seikos feel that this is the best watch the amazing people at Seiko have made in 20 years. It’s tough to disagree. Never worry about ordering from the best suppliers in Japan, such as Seiya Watch or Huguchi. This watch is hard but not impossible to find in stock. You can find one for $375 but generally not a cent less.

Issey Miyake Trapezoid

Getting harder to find in stock, this is absolutely one of my favorite watches in the world and I still don’t have one! eBay seems to have a few around $250, but most reputable online shops, when they have them, list for around $350. These come in several amazing colors, including purple and green, but I like this one best.

Alessi Karim Rashid

Yes, I’m a huge Karim Rashid fan. If you get his design sensibility, you understand why I love this plastic digital watch. You can find one for around $150.

Tsovet SVT-CN38

Tsovet is Swiss-made, California sensibility. I had a Tsovet (not this model) and am sorry to have sold it. This one is reminiscent of, but I think nicer than, a Glashutte Nomos. You can find this beauty for $220.


I love LIP watches. I love that they’re from France and I love the 70s design. When you can find this one, it’s around $320. Watchsimo has a sale on these, and very low stock, at the time of writing.

Swatch Yellow Pusher

Part of the Irony X-Lite collection, the Yellow Pusher is stunning. Never underestimate Swatch, as they are part of the world’s most powerful watch brand, The Swatch Group, who own not only Swatch, but Omega and many luxury brands. The Yellow Pusher is yours for $160.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

At 38mm, it’s a touch too small for my tastes, but I can’t leave it off this list. A classic Hamilton that can be had for $300 if you google hard. Too nice to pass up. This watch can last you a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and it helps develop or fuel a love a watches.

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