In Praise of All-Black Watches

So this isn’t my monthly Watch the Watch article, but it comes at a perfect time, which is the very recent arrival of this:

It wasn’t a random addition to my collection, but rather the result of a few welcome subtractions from my collection as well as a fairly new but intense obsession.

I’m crazy about all-black watches.

As you can see from the Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel, above, all-black doesn’t mean the new, silly “blackout” watches that are totally illegible. It just means that the case, strap, hardware — everything but the hands and numbers — is black.

To be obsessed with watches is a certain type of mild insanity, one that I have happily endured for the past 38 years, since acquiring my first watch. Those of us afflicted understand that it’s not just a love of watches, but one that comes with unexpected quirks.

And that present quirk for me is being totally consumed with all-black watches.



It’s not really something that I can ignore. While waiting for my Blacksteel to land, I couldn’t find a watch that I wanted to wear, even forsaking wearing one for a few days, extremely rare for me.

There’s something remarkably cool about an all-black watch, especially one with some heft and serious weight behind it. Wearing the Blacksteel feels pretty much like this:

But I’m loving it. The watch is badass, pure and simple.

Here’s what I’m currently coveting and it’s a pretty intense covet indeed.

While Panerai have been making some of the best watches in the world for over 150 years, this Radiomir Black Seal Panerai 292 is made of carbon and is so stunning and perfect and amazing and very, very, oh so very yes.

As with anything else, a wonderful idea can go bad. Here’s a group that makes customized all-black Rolexes and, of course, also sells men’s personal grooming products.

I can think of many, many better ways to spend $15,000 than this:

As beautiful as all-black is, it can go painfully wrong very quickly.

My. Sweet. Lord.

Back to the positive side of the dark, the Jean Richard Neroscope is nice

as is this rare, stunning, all-black Tag Heuer Formula 1

this Hublot Big Bang King Red Magic is gorgeous

and this Perrelet Turbine XL is just lovely.

Whatever it is that you enjoy, pursue it to the limit. And have a great rest of July, my friends.

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